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The SWOTCLOCK™ Diamond (SCD) model is a creative and innovative approach, developed to strengthen and enhance the firm’s ability to consolidate its’ business strategy effectively and efficiently. It is a management tool for decision makers that will enhance their capacity to design and implement business strategies to meet current and future challenges.

Learning Organization

The model complements the ‘Learning Organization’ methodology and easily is applied at all levels of the organization.

Simple Analytics

Methodology that suggests a simple analytical, rational and quantitative formula of how to embed the SWOT components (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) into the appropriate ‘Leading Strategy’ out of the 4 possible strategy combinations: Growth, Response, Survival and Leverage.

Better Reports

A full comprehensive SWOTCLOCK™ DIAMOND Tool Kit including online application and eBook that will guide you on how to formulate the organization ‘leading Strategy’ in the most effective and simple way.

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Services & Workshops

Training - It is recommended, first to start with the Training part. This can be done through a 3 days In-House seminar or workshop. Later on, it can be continued by a Training Of Trainers (TOT) program, mostly to HR department staff members who will later on, train the other organization employees and will be involved in the In-House SCD implementation process.

Consulting - Consulting service is provided to the organization in person by Dr. Nathan Tirosh, based upon preliminary analysis of the relevant needs. Consulting services cover partly or in full: needs assessment, establishment and strategy formulation of the organization, Monitoring & Evaluation of the SCD implementation phase and follow-up and guidance of the SCD Tool Kit for success.

Research - Research consulting service is provided mostly to organizations, Holding Companies, Government, NGO's and academic institutions who are interesting in collaborative application of the SCD model in their field of interest, related to strategy formulation at local, international and global level.

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SWOTCLOCK™ is a novel breakthrough methodology in SWOT analysis discipline, developed by Dr. Nathan Tirosh who has been involved in Business Management over the last 3 decades. Nathan Tirosh has B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Industrial & management Engineering and Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Tool Kit

The SWOTCLOCK™ toolkit includes:
1) online application and 2) manual.

Online application: unlimited online access to the SWOTCLOCK™ application where you can perform analysis of as many projects as you like.

Manual: 40 pages manual with instructions explaining how to use the online SWOTCLOCK™ application.



$ 40 once-off
  • Unlimited access
  • Online application
  • Manual, 40 pages
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